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. This success was followed by performances in Japan, England, the United States, India, Germany, China, Norway, Finland, Australia and France,[1] making him one of the first musicians to perform traditional Malagasy music at music festivals and concerts outside of Madagascar.[9] At these performances, he was often accompanied by supporting musicians under the group name Orchestre Nationale.[2] By exposing international audiences to sodina performances, Rakoto Frah promoted the instrument and the traditional musical heritage of Madagascar across the globe.

[3] The government of President Tsirananana fell into disfavor and was overturned in 1972, and Rakoto Frah's close association with the unpopular former head of state led the artist to be marginalized for the first half of the administration of his successor, Didier Ratsiraka (1975 1993).[2][9]In 1985, producers Ben Mandelson and Roger Armstrong visited Madagascar in search of artists to record for a planned album of Malagasy music. Rakoto Frah soon came to their attention, and they offered him a full length album of his own.

[2] Two of Rakoto Frah's granddaughters provided vocals for this album, which was entitled Rakoto Frah: Flute Master of Madagascar.[6] cheap basketball jerseys from China the mid 1980s onward, Rakoto Frah enjoyed a revival in popularity, particularly among the youth, many of whom were seeking to reconnect with the traditions of their elders. In addition to recording numerous tracks and albums of his own, the flutist often appeared as a guest artist on the albums of others.