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IH Studio Nails and Beauty Academy has more than seven years of training experience in teaching future manicurists and aestheticians. IH Studio provides affordable courses that bring students that are looking to enter a career in the beauty sector. IH Studio offers high-quality training, updates courses frequently to meet the latest standards and techniques from the beauty sector. The courses are focused on producing top beauty professionals that will succeed in today's market. IH Studio includes a 95% satisfaction rate among graduate students. Many students return to complete advanced courses and upgrade their training.

Course For Sculpting Gel Nails

IH Studio Provides many nail Art classes from beginner courses to the more advanced. Students who want to enter the beauty sector immediately would benefit from taking a course for firming gel nails. The technique learned to sculpt gel nails is easier compared to other more advanced techniques such as porcelain nails. The course in gel nails is a fantastic beginner course to begin with. The technique discovered in the gel nails course can be combined with others such as decorating with an enamel, permanent enamel, and acrylic paint. This combination of techniques will allow the student to create beautiful nail creations. The gel nail sculpting technique is the easiest to learn. When the gel nail course has been completed the student will have the ability to sculpt nails along with other decorative approaches that will enable the student to enter the beauty sector and find job quickly meeting the high demand for nail technicians.

Online Learning

IH studio Nail and Beauty Academy offers cheap nail courses that are easily available through an online virtual classroom. Online courses can be started and completed according Into the students time. Student's can work at their own pace and devote too much Time as required to complete the course. The course is finished when all Requirements are met. The student is responsible for purchasing a professional Gel kit and all other materials essential for the conclusion of the course. The Required materials are necessary for nail practice, examinations and providing Proof of knowledge when finishing the course. Like please click the following page.